Unlock home equity when you need it most

A Midkey “No Monthly Payments” Loan can help smooth the bumps of mid-life events, by providing new opportunities to Australian homeowners who need a debt solution with no monthly payments.

Is debt serviceability an issue for you?

Use a Midkey “No Monthly Payments” Loan. No regular payments. Repay us at the end of your Midkey loan.

Our vision

To empower the owners and would-be owners of residential real estate in Australia by unlocking their home equity with Midkey “No Monthly Payments” Loans.

Why Midkey?

For Individuals

Midkey provides individuals and families with an opportunity to unlock equity in their largest asset, their home.

It’s a new solution designed to help them manage their busy lives while maintaining their asset wealth, in the face of rising interest rates and the increased cost of living.

Midkey offers more choices to borrowers who have found it difficult to access additional debt with traditional lenders. Midkey defers the payment of its principal and interest until the end of the loan. A Midkey home loan can prevent borrowers from having to downsize their home to pay off debt or pass up an important opportunity in financially challenging times.

For Society

Traditional debt has the burden of regular payments and this can have negative social and economic impacts, particularly when borrowers default on these payments.

Conversely, substantial wealth sits within the homes of many mid-life households, and many of them have not traditionally been able to access all of this wealth via debt.

Midkey’s new solution aims to empower these homeowners in a way that has a positive social impact – via home loans where there are no regular payments, where the repayment timeframe is flexible, and where an innovative Midkey Deferral Fee is only payable when there is a mutual benefit of a rise in their house price. Because interest, principal loans and the main fee payments are paid at the end of the loans, monthly cash flows are freed up, which is important in environments of rising interest rates and increasing cost of living.

For Investors

Midkey provides investors with an opportunity to participate in the upside of a large, yet elusive asset class – Australian residential real estate.

Australia’s residential housing market is truly essential yet has historically not been efficient to access for institutional investors, until now. Midkey allows investors to build a portfolio of diversified assets in a unique way – via a debt product that is secured by a mortgage that pays interest, and uniquely participates in only the house price upside.

Investors can access the upside of this asset class without having to pay brokerage fees, stamp duties, maintenance costs, plus also have a positive social impact along the way.

Midkey focusses on Wholesale Investors (institutional and sophisticated). Midkey offers these investors both open-ended and closed-ended funds.

Midkey’s founders

Midkey was established as an asset management business in 2021 by Richard Young and Scott Collison. They had both spent decades working overseas, but as they were settling back into Australian life, they discovered that many of their friends were increasingly unable to qualify with banks for required loans, despite having significant home equity.

They began to develop a new and innovative solution to this problem for everyday Australian households who were in the same position. Their solution worked within Australia’s regulated lending environments.

Their mission is for Midkey to help Australian homeowners solve their financial problems and achieve their financial goals. For investors, Midkey seeks to become the market leader in Australian deferred payment loans and, in doing so, create a compelling new asset class.

Midkey’s core values include social impact, respect, accountability and a supportive work environment.

Richard Young

Richard has more than 25 years of investment banking, investment and leadership experience. Richard returned to Sydney from Hong Kong in 2021 after 26 years in Asia (principally Hong Kong and Shanghai) where he has held a variety of roles with Macquarie Capital, ABN Amro and PwC. During his 16 years at Macquarie (in addition to varied advisory and capital raising roles) Richard led, and held board representations on, several successful principal investments.

Scott Collison

Scott has more than 30 years’ experience in the management of and investing for alternative asset businesses. This experience included roles with Alceon Group, Franklin Templeton, Millennium Management, Brummer & Partners, and Credit Suisse. Scott’s roles have been based in Sydney, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong and Perth.

Richard and Scott currently live in Sydney with their families and are both happily middle aged. Richard and Scott have been friends since 1995, although their families have known each other much longer.

They surf ski, cycle and play tennis together outside of work. Richard’s other passions are golf, fishing, wine and gardening. Scott’s other passions are snow skiing, boating and gardening.

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