Mittagong Contractor Dianna explains why she got a Midkey

3-bedroom home in Mittagong, NSW - $780,000 Midkey (1st mortgage)

Why did Dianna need a Midkey?

Dianna’s once reliable income as a chaplain, a religious and civil celebrant and a part-time model was reduced temporarily. Her major client was reducing their activities, reducing her income. With interest rates rising, 69-year-old Dianna was struggling, for the first time ever, to meet her monthly mortgage payments for her beautiful one-acre, three-bedroom house.

“I appealed to my lender for leniency in the short term because I have always paid on time, but the responses became more and more brutal. They sent me text messages threatening to take away my house if I didn’t promise to make a payment. I was distraught and it was impacting my health,”

What were Dianna’s options?

Dianna said her only option was to sell and downsize, but she hadn’t planned to do that for another five to ten years. Part of her income comes from offering her garden to couples for their weddings and photo shoots. Dianna, also a parent to her cousin’s now adult children, was refusing to give up and praying for a solution.

She said her stress levels increased with every interest rate hike. She had no idea where she and her two dogs, Irish Setters, would go if her home was repossessed by her bank lender. She said she had called every lender for four months only to be told she was too old even though she had great earning potential.

“I was banging my head against a brick wall for too long, and it took its toll physically and mentally. I was made to feel invisible, like a second-class citizen. We become more tolerant and understanding as we grow old, but we are not as fearless as we once were,”

said Dianna who is completing her Masters in Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Why did Diana choose Midkey?

Dianna was still searching for a solution late one night when an advertisement for Midkey appeared on Facebook. Instantly, she filled out her details online, and the next day she received a call from Midkey.

“After months of pain, suddenly I was speaking with a warm, sweet woman who I related to straight away. It was such a positive experience. It was like falling into open arms,”

When Midkey called Dianna to confirm her loan, she was overjoyed. “It was proof to me that someone believed in my worth and my achievements,” said Dianna.

The benefits?

“Without Midkey I would have lost my life as it was. I would have lost my home. Midkey gave me back my fire and passion. Midkey saved me, and it will save so many others I work with,” said Dianna.

Dianna said that by sharing her story here, she is helping other Australians.

She has used a large portion of her Midkey to pay off her first mortgage and with the balance she is replacing the roof on her house and paying for some marketing services that will help attract more traffic and business to her website.

Has she made plans to repay their Midkey?

Dianna says she’ll reassess her situation and may downsize in five to ten years. But for now, she cannot wait to continue her work and studies. She has signed up with a new modelling agency and will continue with her plans to develop a wellness centre.

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